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Recessed LED Downlight 30W-180W

Recessed LED Downlight 30W-180W


Product introduction

High Power LED Downlight
Type:Recessed Mounted
Dimmable and emergency are on request.
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KW-SD Model led downlight is design for high ceiling lighting for new install commercial lighting or replacement for downlight applications with compact fluorescent/metal halide lamps .Compatible with standard ceiling cutouts 170 mm or 200 mm or 250mm or 270mm. Wide lighting color (Kelvins) range 2700-7000K,  RGB lighting colors can be customized ,dual functions of lighting and decorating.

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 Installation Instructions 
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Available dimension Dimension Cutout Weight
5 inch 175x120mm                                       145mm 0.4kg
6 inch 200x120mm 170mm 0.48kg
8 inch 225x130mm 200mm 0.68kg
9 inch 235x130mm 215mm 0.68kg
10 inch 270x130mm 240-250mm 0.98kg
12 inch 300x165mm 270-280mm 1.2kg
14 inch 340x160mm 300mm 1.5kg

  Input Voltage
AC100V~305V DC12V/ 24V
  Frequency Range
  Total Harmonic Distortion
≤ 9 %
  Power Factor
  Power Efficiency
>87 %
  Working Voltage
  Color Rendering Index
Aluminum Alloy
  Led Luminous Efficiency
130Lm /W
  lamps Efficiency
>91 %
  Illuminance Uniformity
  Color Temperature 
  Light emitting angle
35° / 60°/ 90°/ 120°
  Junction Temperature  
  Working Temperature
-40℃ ~ +55℃
  Storage Temperature
-25℃ ~ +65℃
  Working Lifespan
Family Model
Model No. Watt Lamp Lumen
KW-SD30W 30W 2700-3300lm
KW-SD40W 40W 3600-4400lm
KW-SD50W 50W 4500-5000lm
KW-SD60W 60W 5400-6000lm
KW-SD70W 70W 6650-7000lm
KW-SD80W 80W 7200-8000lm
KW-SD100W 100W 9000-10000lm
KW-SD120W 120W 10800-12000lm
KW-SD150W 150W 14250-15750lm
KW-SD180W 180W 17100-18000lm
KW-SD200W 200W 19000-20000lm



● High brightness led 130lm/W

●Power-saving, best aluminum alloy fin heat sink for high effective cooling operation

●Both dimmable and non-dimmable are available (0-10V /1-10V/triac/dali dimmable)

●Go green,energy saving,low carbon environmental protection,no mercury pollution

●High power,  light weight, easy installation

●Direct retrofit to most LED Down Light 5 inch/ 6 inch/8 inch /9 inch/10 inch / 12 inch diameter are available.


 Replacement compact fluorescent/metal halide lamps .

Product Description  Packaging unit (Pieces/Unit) Dimensions (length x width x height) Volume  Gross weight
6 inch Downlights 6 53x43.5x34cm 0.078cbm 18.5kg
8 inch Downlights 6 55x45x36cm


10 inch Downlights 6 58x47*36CM 0.098cbm 20kg


Corridor, office, shopping mall, display window and inner lighting

Reception room, lobby, hotel room lighting

Museum, exhibition hall, art gallery exhibit lighting

Bus/railway/subway stations and other indoor lighting.


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